JP843 History

Hawker Typhoon JP843 was the fourth production batch of 600 aircraft built by Gloster Aircraft during 1943, deliveries for this batch started 5/4/1943 and ended 12/1943.

JP843 was originally fitted with the “Car Door” canopy, faired cannons and early exhaust fairings. From 51 MU, Lichfield, JP843 was delivered to 197 Sqn Tangmere on 22 Sept 1943. December 1943, the operational records book reports JP843 as OV-T.

Jan 3rd 1944 JP843 was flown by Flying Officer K.J. Harding on a Rhubarb to Yvrench with three other Typhoons each armed with 2 X 250 lb bombs. Harding became separated from the others in the target area and, returning alone, was intercepted by 4 FW190s which he managed to outrun despite sustaining two hits. Category B damage was repaired, and the aircraft is shown back in operations by 11 Jan 1944.

February 1944 saw an influx of new Typhoons fitted with sliding hoods and RP mods, it is suspected that JP843 was sidelined for a short period before being sent to 13 MU 22 Feb 1944, and Gloster on 25 April 1944. It is likely that both of these allocations were concerning canopy and RP mods. On return from Glosters, JP843 was reported at 83 GSU, Redhill 8 June 1944 and allocated to 609 Sqn.

During June 1944, JP843 does not appear in 609 Squadrons Operational Record Book, however it does appear briefly with 198 Squadron as “K” when it is reported returning with engine trouble. It is likely that JP843 was “borrowed” form 609 by 198 during the hectic month of June 1944, but does return to 609 between 8 July and 27 July 1944. JP843 was lost during operations along with P/O Price 27 July 1944.