With everything progressing nicely on the forward monocoque build, we’ve initiated some work on the next phase of the rebuild; the cockpit structure. Nicolas has committed years of design work put into this area, and incorporated some of the key components that were reverse engineered by our sponsor E3D Technology Corp. in Langley B.C.
This is busy assembly with many parts. While work is completed on the forward monocoque section, we will be plugging away at many smaller components of the tube structure, taking care of some of the heat treatment requirements etc. With a bit of luck, we will be ready to start assembling parts on the cockpit as the monocoque work winds down later this year.

Typhoon Build Update

As you can see, almost all of our fuselage frames are now formed and stringers are ready for fitting, I expect the momentum on these and other “in progress” aspects of the rebuild to advance well for 2020.

Due to the excellent progress in 2019, we will be starting with another significant Typhoon assembly earlier than we had anticipated; more news on this in the next few weeks

Typhoon Legacy (Ian Slater) visit Somme Aviation 39-45 Museum

After getting a few hours of sleep in Normandy, Ian took off to the Somme to meet with our friend Pierre Ben and view his museum collection. Many followers will note that Pierre is the gentleman who provided the Typhoon wing spar fittings on loan to us, so they can be reverse engineered (an ongoing aspect of the project).
Arjan and Ian were amazed when they walked into the museum. It is packed with some of the most impressive display’s I’ve seen at any museum, all carefully preserved and displayed with a respectful history of the pilot and incident. This is a museum not to be missed if you are in the area: Website link below

While there, Pierre also gave the project a few more parts to work with, so we will detail this in a future post!

Typhoon Legacy (Ian Slater) visits D-Day Academy in Normandy:

One of Ian’s first stops after arriving at CDG airport in Paris, was to the D-Day Academy in Normandy. It was here that he met with Dr. JP Benamou, who very kindly opened the doors for our visit. While the purpose of my visit was to meet with Dr. Benamou and discuss his Typhoon cockpit section, he quickly found himself immersed in D-day equipment and history. The details of the invasion provided were unbelievable, and really helped tell a story that books and other media can’t prepare you for. While there are many commercial activities in Normandy that relate to the invasion, this group strive to tell the stories, and they do it in a way that no others do.

Ian highly recommends that everyone visits the D-Day Academy if they are in the area. (Website link below)

During our meeting, Dr. Benamou very kindly donated surviving Typhoon Tailwheel pivot structure to the project, a component that will really help with development of this part of the build. We are humbled to have been provided with this part, and will ensure it goes to accelerate our efforts on JP843.

Typhoon Legacy (Ian Slater) visit to France

Ian’s visit through France and to the ceremony for William Hurrell was supported by Arjan Wemmers, project manager for the recovery of Hawker Typhoon MN954. A key part of the trip was to visit with Alblasserdam government representative, Laure ter Stege, at the crash site of MN954 in support of the potential recovery of the aircraft remains.
Mr. Wemmers has done outstanding work, and significant research regarding FLT J.N.C.M.J Vandaele, the pilot of this aircraft, and it is hoped that his efforts will forever remind us of the sacrifice made by this young man.
We will do our best to keep followers updated on the progress of Mr. Wemmers efforts on the recovery, and hope publish details on F/Lt Vandaele in the near future.

More information can be found at the following address: