THE SECRET HORSEPOWER RACE-book by Callum E. Douglas

Here at the TYPHOON LEGACY COMPANY LTD., we would like to let all of our followers know about a fantastic book on the subject of the piston engines that powered Second World War fighters, the men who designed them, and the secret intelligence work carried out by both Britain and Germany would determine the outcome of the first global air war.

Book now available for pre-order !

If you intend to buy one please do pre-order it as it helps the publisher to see how popular it will be and might mean we get a bigger print-run…

This wont be a print-on-demand, but a high quality hardback so its a good long-term investment.

With the cooperation of Gli Archivi Ritrovati an italian edition of the book will also later be released. It will contain added information on the italian engine industry (Con la collaborazione de Gli Archivi Ritrovati stiamo realizzando una versione specifica del libro, che conterrà capitoli aggiuntivi sugli sviluppi dell’industria motoristica italiana).

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