Ian Slater has been able to make some reasonable progress on the fuselage frames we are producing for the Jet Age Museum over the past week or so. Complete in these images are all frame segments for frames D, E, F, G, H, and J (highlighted in green on the attached cutaway view).

As mentioned previously, the forward monocoque runs between the front ring and frame K. I’ve highlighted both of these in red on the attached cutaway view, these are the two frames that we will provide geometric data only for, as they are different on early and later Typhoons.

Moving forwards, I’ll be working on frames A, B, and C (highlighted in yellow); A and C frames being double frames, and the B frame being a heavy single frame. There are a few bits in this area to work on for JP843 as well, so I’ll complete them at the same time with the goal of having both sets done together, ours going off for heat treatment, and the JAM set to head over to the UK