Jet Age Museum Forward Monocoque works

We are nearing completion of the forward monocoque frames for JP843, and have a fantastic opportunity to help with progress at the Jet Age Museum and their early Typhoon static project.

The time and work that went into the development and production of fuselage form blocks has been significant, so with plenty of life left in the forms, we feel that it is a great opportunity for us to work with the Jet Age team and build them a non-airworthy set of frames for their Typhoon.

The work to date on the cockpit section at the Jet Age Museum has been wonderfully detailed in staying true to the design originality, and we hope that the frame set produced here at Typhoon Legacy will serve to advance this excellent work and allow for an even more significant Typhoon presence at the Museum.

The work that is being done here at Typhoon Legacy is intended to save time for the Jet Age Museum by providing them with a nearly complete set of fuselage frames from which they can build their forward monocoque section (from aft of the cockpit to the transport joint immediately forward of the fin). The term “nearly complete” is used because there are a few small differences between our versions of Typhoon, and we are producing only the common parts that will use complex form blocks to shape. The rear most frame (K) and the forward most frame (referred to as the front ring) will not be built here at Typhoon Legacy to allow for these changes, however templates for the forming of these frames will be sent to ensure profile continuity from front to rear.

There are many additional components and much more work to be done in completing this section of aircraft, however, we are positive that combining our efforts will help all involved with both projects. We look forward to the continued opportunity to work together with this talented group for the benefit of both projects and the preservation of this unique part of history.