Typhoon Legacy (Ian Slater) visits D-Day Academy in Normandy:

One of Ian’s first stops after arriving at CDG airport in Paris, was to the D-Day Academy in Normandy. It was here that he met with Dr. JP Benamou, who very kindly opened the doors for our visit. While the purpose of my visit was to meet with Dr. Benamou and discuss his Typhoon cockpit section, he quickly found himself immersed in D-day equipment and history. The details of the invasion provided were unbelievable, and really helped tell a story that books and other media can’t prepare you for. While there are many commercial activities in Normandy that relate to the invasion, this group strive to tell the stories, and they do it in a way that no others do.

Ian highly recommends that everyone visits the D-Day Academy if they are in the area. (Website link below)


During our meeting, Dr. Benamou very kindly donated surviving Typhoon Tailwheel pivot structure to the project, a component that will really help with development of this part of the build. We are humbled to have been provided with this part, and will ensure it goes to accelerate our efforts on JP843.