Typhoon Legacy (Ian Slater) visit to France

Ian’s visit through France and to the ceremony for William Hurrell was supported by Arjan Wemmers, project manager for the recovery of Hawker Typhoon MN954. A key part of the trip was to visit with Alblasserdam government representative, Laure ter Stege, at the crash site of MN954 in support of the potential recovery of the aircraft remains.
Mr. Wemmers has done outstanding work, and significant research regarding FLT J.N.C.M.J Vandaele, the pilot of this aircraft, and it is hoped that his efforts will forever remind us of the sacrifice made by this young man.
We will do our best to keep followers updated on the progress of Mr. Wemmers efforts on the recovery, and hope publish details on F/Lt Vandaele in the near future.

More information can be found at the following address: