SPECIAL PROJECT-Cockpit Side Panel

Normal production has been put aside for the past week or two so that we can focus on a very special project. The Cockpit Side Panel you see in the images below are part of this special project. We will be revealing full details towards the end of the month in another post.

Please note: This panel is a replica panel made from original drawings, using certified materials, but is not intended for fitment on an airworthy aircraft, it has also not been produced as part of the rebuild for JP843.

Cockpit Side Panel Work.

Ian Slater has been hard at work forming the individual parts that make up the starboard cockpit side panel. These are then temporarily assembled, using a wide variety of clamps to check for correct fitment of the parts, and trimmed or shaped (if needed) to ensure correct alignment.

The parts are then drilled for the rivets, being held together with Cleco temporary fasteners during this process.

The parts are then dis-assembled from the Cleco fasteners and then de-greased, etched & primed for paint top coats

The Parts are then riveted together, and then painted

Completed starboard Cockpit Side Panel-Interior


Completed starboard Cockpit Side Panel-Exterior

Wartime image of Hawker Typhoon JP834 with Dicky Harkness (RNZAF 609 Sqn) in the cockpit, showing the location of starboard Cockpit Side Panel, just below his hand