2019 Update – work continues – 3D CAD

It’s been a little while since we have updated our website, but that does not mean that work has stopped on the typhoon, far from it. The team has been busy sourcing parts, working on tooling, fixtures & jigs, drawing up parts etc.

I have recently joined the team, to help out with social media & website updates, so that Ian Slater & the team can get on fabrication, engineering  & parts restoration.

Please find as follows an update of work in 2019.

3D CAD Work – Nicolas’s work on drawing up components continues. Many days & weeks of work can go into creating these images, but they are more than just that. The output from these then goes into the fabrication of parts, jigs & fixtures.

Rear flexible mount for the Napier Sabre – composed of steel parts, aluminum parts and of course rubber
– Grey parts are the elements with original drawings available
– Red parts are 3D scanned parts from our sponsor E3D
– Yellow … No drawings
Front Windshield – 1.5″ of bullet proof glass at 35 deg angle