Cockpit, Monocoque and Fin, Sabre & Shop Closure


Nicolas Walter has been hard at work building recently reverse engineered components (e3D Technology) into his CAD design of the Typhoon’s cockpit, as you can see in the image below, these parts represent some of the most important components of the assembly and provide many of the answers needed to complete critical fixture design work for the area. Nicolas has also included some of the surviving Typhoon JP914 parts, which were kindly loaned by Jocelyn Leclercq

Monocoque and Fin:

With the addition of Martin Oldfield to our design team, December saw the start of design work on the rear monocoque and fin structure. The work is progressing very nicely, and design completion is expected to coincide with the forward monocoque.


With the disassembly work now complete on the Sabre IIA supercharger, the main components have been sent to e3D for reverse engineering work.
The engine itself is also slowly coming apart, also with the intent of reverse engineering each component.

Shop Closure:

Typhoon Legacy Co. Ltd. remains closed for tours while we prepare the shop for construction of fixtures and structure, we appreciate your patience during this period, and will update this page as soon as viewing can resume.

Cockpit Jan 2017