The team at e3D Technology Corp.

The team at e3D Technology Corp. have been working diligently to reverse engineer many key surviving parts for the restoration of JP843. The attached images show some of their work on the primary fittings which will be used by our team to complete the cockpit fixture design before moving on to make new components.

Due to the very high tolerances required for such critical machined parts, the team at e3D set their equipment to adjust for the thermal expansion of each material being measured before collecting data. The larger external surfaces were then measured with 3D scanning equipment, and the critical bores and angles were measured with a FARO Arm CMM. Upon completion of measurements, the data was combined and built into a production ready CAD file which was thoroughly inspected and verified to be well within the manufacturers tolerances before release.

When measuring such old components, corrosion and wear may hide the true dimensions; we are very fortunate to have enough surviving data and a sponsor with the skills and cutting edge equipment to ensure the original design is adhered to!”

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