Typhoon Wing Month

It appears as though October is international “Typhoon Wing Month”! During October of 2015 we were able to complete the important task of scanning the wing of MN235 in Ottawa; and this year during October, we were able to secure almost 14 feet of surviving Typhoon wing structure! The JP843 team pulled all stops to make this acquisition happen, and the fruits of these combined efforts will be amazing when combined with the scan data.

We take great efforts as a team to only collect surviving parts if they will be needed for reverse engineering where drawings are missing, primarily because almost every part will need to be built new for this airworthy restoration, but also because many of these items would be better suited as memorial displays in Museums. Every effort will be made to preserve this amazing collection of original parts once we are done compiling the required data for our work on JP843.

Recovered Hawker Typhoon Wing Sections