Work is progressing

Work is progressing on multiple fronts, the fuselage monocoque is in the final stages of design and we are hoping to begin shaping frames very soon. We are also searching for a few small but important pieces for the cockpit structure that will allow for design work to begin (please see the parts wanted page). Wing work is progressing through the development of scan data, and we are expecting to begin the second stage of this data development next week. With the wing envelope scanned to exacting accuracy, we are able to identify internal structure placement and insert known sub-assemblies within the proven envelope; once all of this information is completed, we will be able to use the spaces between known sections to produce some of the missing parts within the wing. The tail section is still in its research phase owing to the significant differences between the Typhoon and Tempest for this area, we’ve proven that JP843 last flew with the smaller tail plane and have identified important design changes between the two tail planes fitted to Typhoons that will help with the plan. The fin is also different between the Typhoon and Tempest and has a different arrangement of internal structure, so we are looking for solutions to build a proper Typhoon fin by working with the known data.